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      [869] Beatson, II. 438."I always come here when I wish to be alone," said Pen with delicate emphasis.

      The young man tried to smooth things over. "What a heavenly spot! As I have already told your father, I'm loafing down the Bay in a canoe."

      "Whoa, therewhoa!" exclaimed Si, in a conciliatory way, as he advanced with a bridle in his hand toward one of the big wheelers, whose ears were flapping about like the fans of a windmill.


      Don made to creep away from her. She laid a hand on his arm. "Wait!"

      She hung back a little. Could she withstand him in the close intimacy of his little tent? She must! Steeling her breast she followed him in.



      Pen felt dimly that her flippant mockery concealed a sort of despair. She could admire the little creature's gameness and hardihood, but could not possibly meet her on that ground. It rendered her helpless. Meanwhile Blanche took a fresh cigarette, and called Pen's attention to the packet with a jerk of her head. Pen shook her head.